Everything you need to know about designing nursery area in your house

Having a newborn baby is the most wonderful thing for any family. All parents want to prepare everything for their infant perfectly. They usually make a plan for buying baby stuff such as clothing, blankets, feeding equipment, best pack and play, toys… To do list before giving birth includes not only buying things but also researching about knowledge of upbringing and designing baby room. In all parts of checklist above, designing baby room is recognized as the most interesting one.

In our article today, we want to introduce with you A to Z information for decorating baby room.


1.Location and size

Nursery area in your house must be the safe, cozy, quiet and comfortable place. Position of the room should be convenient for parents of nurse to watch baby, near to bedroom of parents. Do not set up the room near to noisy place such as living room, dining room or kitchen. Acreage of the room is enough to put baby cabinet, cot of crib, changing clothes/ massage table … and other nursery furniture. Standard size for a baby room recommended is above 10 square meters. However, size and location of baby room depend on actual structure of the house.

2.Window and ventilation system.

According to the real condition of the room, parents should design a window or ventilation system. Window is necessary in baby room. It is useful for sun bathing time of baby. Besides that, when open the window, you can bring fresh air into the room and sunshine protects the room away from humid and musty air. If parents cannot design a window on baby room, they should set up a good ventilation system. This system can be a fan, air conditioner or any professional one. It helps to control temperature, remove unpleasant air as smoke, dust… and replenish oxygen. Both of window and ventilation system have good points in providing suitable indoor air quality for baby room. Up to condition of family, parents can choose one of them or combine two solutions above for the best result.

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Decorating ideas for small house

Owning a large house and having a comfortable location are dreams of many people. However, not all of persons can make these dreams come true. Instead of these, they get small ones. Besides, in general, most narrow spaces are difficult to design. Especially, decorating the space like that is real challenges of people who live in it. Therefore, we do not have any ideas to improve this problem, do we? With a view to instruct you how to decorate a small home in order to look like commodious, this post will give you some useful tips.



Living room’s functions are an entertainment, a receiving guest’s area. It will be difficult to satisfy those functions of your family if it is quite little but there are several tips which you can apply so as to gain convenience and freely feeling.

Using mirror and wallpaper. A small living room especially has no window or tiny one, often causes your stifling and unwelcome state. For reducing those negative effects, you should create a focus for light’s strengthening by hanging mirrors on walls, increase the depth of living room by sticking wallpaper on wall. The best place to hang a mirror is the wall opposite to the window. Mirror will reflect the scenery of the outside and light, therefore, it brings about wider feeling for your room.

colourful hous a2

Adding objects more than one effect. In a small room, the tinier it is, the more useful furniture is. By using object having a great of effects, you can save more area which you must to share with other furniture. This makes living room larger and more airy.

decor living room

Using little interior things. You should choose little interior things for your room since you can not only display many objects, but also economize your space. For instance, you should buy tiny tables and chairs which are conformable together. These combinations will give you satisfaction.

Taking advantage of height of room. If your sitting room possesses a high ceiling, you can take full advantage of this condition. Although you can not add more things at high space, it itself makes your room look not narrow. Your work is to lead everyone’s eyes raise and look at your high area. You can decorate this region with pictures, painting, and dried flower and so on.

decor living roomFilling up corners of room. This sound strange but you will make your sitting room look really larger than it is as well as be surprised as it work. Why? Because a large plane will construct a comfortable feeling, have more capacity, make it look like tidy and eye-catching. The right thing to do is to fill up room’s corners with big objects such as a wide sofa, a wide table …etc…. However, another thing you should pay attention is that this tip only apply to the room’s corner. In other positions, you should reduce the size of furniture such as armchair, sofa, table …etc… You ought to try to use simple thing in designing.

Sofa without handrail and back is good choice. In open space, the best location for a sofa, sometimes, is not leaning on walls; it should be the middle of the room. Nevertheless, your sofa must be small one if you do not want it to swallow your sitting room up. A sofa without handrail and back is an opulent selection, for sure. People can sit at both sides of this type of sofa. It will be a great choice for limited areas!

More green trees for living room. Like the role of mirrors and wallpapers, little trees are a perfect way in order to bring more depth to you room. Trees make pliable feeling for the sides of room, cheat guests’ eyes that the room is not small area.


Preparing and storing secondary chairs. If so really small is a space that you cannot arrange all seats for everyone, you should store and prepare others chair for seats. It may be plastic stools, collapsible chairs, small chairs and so forth. After using them, you can pick them up and place in their location.

Using “invisible” materials. Acrylic, Lucite and glass are perfect stuffs in drawing room since, in visional aspect, things which are made by these stuffs seem not to occupy a great deal of space. You can try using a glass table, a tea-set, a flower vase and so on.

Let’s try using tips above right now and enjoy.

Making your colourful hous

Have you ever wanted to stay in a lively place? Nowadays, a colourful house is a dream of many young people even seniors. They choose a house like that because of not only its beauty but also its effect on relaxing their lives. However, most of them do not know how to make their wonderful houses. So, how to create it? This post will show you all what you need to get it with perfection.

colourful hous a1


Since you think about a nice home, colour will be the first thing appears in your mind. Colour will express the style and hobby of house owner. Therefore, so important is the issue of choosing color that you should decide first and carefully. You can select from your colour list or something surrounding you such as a tree, a dish, a table, an apple, an artwork and so on as long as you love it. It will become your home’s color.

Moreover, you also should pick color which is conformable with your mental health and well – being situation because color will impact on the mood of your home, and then it will impact on your state. For instance, crimson, brick – red, bright yellow will make a less stressful space for you. Light blue as well as light green is so suitable for your bedroom as the result of their amusable influence. If you love the peaceful atmosphere, you will also love ivory – white or cream. In addition, you will get lively and fun-packed space in your house by simultaneous combination of two or more colors.

colourful hous a2

Besides, you also should choose colors matching with style of each room. Example, you can achieve the sociable, formal or quiet feeling in your dining-room by using warm, bright colors in order to get sociable environment; deeper blue-greens so as to obtain more formality. With your children’s rooms, it should look active, creative, exciting to bring your kids power and creation. You may pick bright colors together for their room. Nevertheless, be careful with some colors which overstimulate your children, it may make them unequable and unpleasant, especially too bright colors.

Another thing you should notice is that you should make choices which create a good contrast between two close rooms. You can know whether it fit your eyes or not by thinking you are in one room and see another room through it and imagining.

colourful hous a3


Illuminative system influences so much on tones of space in your house. For example, as a strong color is painted on a wall near the wide window, it may be bright so much and can lead to your irritable status, but it might be all right if you use less light or use other colors. As the result, nearly all of the paint stores have light boxes in which you can check paint chips with some different types of light. By using light boxes, you can recognize:

  • The real colour is shown under the natural light, electrical light.
  • Blazing illumination whether let out warm tones or not.
  • Fluorescent light whether can create a sharp tone of blue or not.

After you test light system with your chosen colors, you will imagine the picture of your future home and make the best choices. These play an important role on construct your home’s tones.

colourful hous a4


This is the final step to make your own colourful house. When you decide color and light system of your home, let check your decisions and repair all its mistakes. Let begin from all wall outside then inside of the house. To get started, a place that is quick to paint and see your achievement sooner is the best one to experiment with your choices. It might be attic, cellar, lavatory, and toilet or anywhere your mind tells you. However, you should paint on a small piece of wall just in case you do not like it. When experimental painting work is done, let set to test your light system. Right after you finish at first area, let answer this question: “Do the coordination between walls and light fit your imaginations?” If your answer is “never been better”, you can finish, pick up painting instruments and move to next area. If you do not think it is right, let test again unstill you are satisfied. It is a notice that you should wait for the paint on wall drying, then scrape that layer of paint before test again. You can do this work yourself or ask somebody for help.