4 Best Pool Vacuum

Do you own a swimming pool in your home? Maybe you have been thinking of buying the best pool vacuum. This article will guide you on some of the best products available in the market. Before the purchase of a pool vacuum, you should first consider the following.

User friendliness and noise levels- it should be easy to use also noise levels should be low.


Durability- You should consider the duration the cleaner would be in use. Go for a product that is long lasting.
Suction power –It should have a high motor to enhance sucking of dirt and dust. You should check the power levels.
Environmental sustainability – You should consider how energy efficient a vacuum cleaner is.

Below are some of the best pool vacuums.

1. AURA 6250

It is an excellent pool space, which enhances the cleaning process of a pool.


It is very easy to use and helps in removing the debris.
Removes all types of dirt, it can be used to explain big marbles, leaves, and pebbles.
It helps in the pickup of sand and silt from the pool.
It does not need extra batteries or pumps.


It’s very expensive as compared to other vacuums
The plastic of the pool vacuum is very light which means the product is not durable.

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